About Your Piercer

Maxwell has been piercing professionally since 2005. After an apprenticeship with master piercer Hook Koerner. Maxwell also attended Fakir Intensive and was honored to study under Fakir himself. Maxwell prides himself on always putting forth his best effort!


All Your Tattoo and Body Piercing Questions Answered by Pros

YES! The piercing fee covers the cost of the procedure and jewelry.

No. We cannot guarantee the quality and composition of metals used for jewelry purchased outside of Pro Prick Tattoo and Body Piercing. To ensure the best possible outcome and reduce the risk of complications, we require all clients to use jewelry purchased from our studio.

To get pierced at Pro Prick Tattoo and Body Piercing, minors must be at least 15 years old and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We require a government-issued ID from the minor and the parent listed on the certificate to verify age and consent. We do not accept photocopies or digital copies of the birth certificate.

No. We do not use numbing cream before piercing ears because it can distort the tissue and affect the placement and quality of the piercing. Our procedures are light handed and gentle, although some pain is expected when getting pierced.